If you are using Content Administration to develop catalogs, be aware that searches against catalogs that have not been deployed to production (preview mode) are performed slightly differently than searches against deployed catalogs. The two main differences are that in preview mode the following hold true:

The following example demonstrates the different ways the two modes retrieve the same results.

  • In production mode: By default, the SearchFormHandler and CatalogPossibleValues classes restrict the search results to the user’s current catalog (see Processing Searches). If a user does a keyword search for “red” in production mode, the query includes a “where keywordString CONTAINS ‘red’” clause and the SearchFormHandler adds another clause to make the query “where keywordString CONTAINS ‘red’ and catalogs CONTAINS (the user’s current catalog)”. Therefore, the repository would only return items that exist in the user’s current catalog.

  • In preview mode: The catalogs property of categories, products, and SKUs is derived and non-queryable. So the SearchFormHandler cannot add the extra clause to narrow the search to only the user’s current catalog. Instead, the query is run without the extra clause and items not in the user’s current catalog may be returned. Before returning the result set, FilteringCatalogSearchFormHandler then iterates through the results, and checks the catalogs property of each. Those items that do not contain the user’s current catalog among their catalogs are then removed from the list, and the “filtered” result set containing only items in the user’s current catalog is returned.

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