Order and commerce item markers are managed by the following components:

When your application adds a new marker, removes an existing one, or queries for information about the markers on an order, the manager component coordinates these actions by identifying the marked item(order or commerceItem), the property on that item that holds markers (markers), and the type of item that will act as a marker (marker).

The manager components provides methods to look up, add and remove markers for orders and for commerce items. You can also use the API to add additional properties (this use is demonstrated in the Gift With Purchase promotion (see the Core Commerce Programming Guide). The manager components retrieve markers using any combination of key, value, and data.

When adding markers, the marker manager applies the marker duplication and validation rules you configure it to use. These component settings provide default values and can be overridden when contrary values are provided in a servlet bean.

By default, a single marker manager manages all marker activities. You can create additional marker manager components to use different validation and duplication rules necessary for a particular type of marker.

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