The group item discount allows you to offer a group of products at a discount or fixed price. Note that this type of promotion applies only to item discount promotions, where the customer receives a discount on an item or items.

Items that are discounted as part of the same promotion are grouped and are identified by a group ID. This ID is added to pricing adjustments that are created for detailed item price information. The Group Discount calculator specifies the discount type for the grouped products.

The Group Discount template in Merchandising accesses the Pricing Model Description Language (PMDL), which generates a groupIterator property that maintains the group index, ensuring that index is unique for each group. The Group Discount template is defined using the getGroupDiscount.pmdt template file. For detailed information on the PMDL and promotion templates, refer to the Core Commerce Programming Guide. For information on using promotions templates in the Merchandising UI, refer to the Merchandising Guide for Business Users.

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