There are several servlet beans you can use to look up the markers on a given order or commerce item. When you use these servlet beans, you can specify an input parameter that indicates the object you want to work with. If you choose not to, the active order or commerce item is used.

You can check for a particular marker by specifying the marker’s key, value, or data property values using the HasMarkerDroplet (for commerce items) and OrderHasMarkerDroplet (for orders) servlet beans.

The OrderHasLastMarkerDroplet servlet bean locates the last marker attached to a given order. You can indicate that the last marker should be returned only if it has the particular key, value, data, or other marker property value you specify. This servlet bean also lets you access the marker itself in addition to determining if it exists.

Finally, the OrderHasLastMarkerWithKeyDroplet lets you determine if the last marker added to an order with a particular key has matching value and data.

For more information on the servlet beans described here, see Appendix A: Core Commerce Servlet Beans.

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