The /atg/registry/CollectionFilters/ExcludeItemsInCartFilter component, which is a component of class atg.commerce.collections.filter.ExcludeItemsInCartFilter, is used to remove any products from a collection that are in a user’s shopping cart. This component relies on the shoppingCartPath property to locate the current user’s shopping cart. The default value is /atg/commerce/ShoppingCart.

You can access the ExcludeItemsInCartFilter component through the ExcludeItemInCartFilterDroplet servlet bean (directly) Although you have the option to cache collection filter content, you are advised against caching the results from ExcludeItemsInCartFilter because it’s unlikely that the cached content will be used again, making caching a waste of resources. For more information on caching, see the Filtering Collections chapter of Personalization Programming Guide.

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