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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Creating a Custom AI Manifest

You can install the system using the installation specifications in the AI manifest provided in the AI boot image or you can create custom installation specifications. If you create a custom AI manifest, store the manifest on an HTTP server and provide the location of the manifest when you boot the system to be installed.

If you download the .iso AI image, you can use the following sample commands to inspect the AI manifest in that image. In this example, /tmp is the directory where you downloaded the AI image, and /home/username is the directory where you want to copy and edit the AI manifest. The AI manifest is in auto_install/manifest/default.xml in the image.

# /usr/sbin/mount -o ro -F hsfs /tmp/sol-11_3-20-ai-x86.iso /mnt
# cp /mnt/auto_install/manifest/default.xml /home/username/custom.xml
# umount /mnt

Review your copy of the default manifest file (/home/username/custom.xml in this example), and decide whether these specifications are satisfactory for this installation.

To find out how to change installation specifications such as target disk or additional packages to install, see the aimanifest(1M) man page.

When you are finished modifying the AI manifest, copy the custom manifest to an HTTP server. Note the URL to the custom AI manifest so that you can provide that URL when you boot the system to be installed. For example, the URL might be http://example.com/custom.xml.