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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Selecting the AI Manifest

    Each AI client uses one and only one AI manifest to complete its installation. The AI manifest is selected for an AI client according to the following algorithm:

  • If no custom AI manifests are defined for this install service, the default AI manifest is used. The default AI manifest is not associated with any client criteria. See Default AI Manifest for an example of a default AI manifest.

  • If custom AI manifests are defined for this install service but the AI client does not match criteria for any custom AI manifest, then the AI client uses the default AI manifest.

  • If the AI client matches criteria that have been specified for a custom AI manifest, the AI client uses that custom manifest.

    If client characteristics match criteria for multiple AI manifests, the client characteristics are evaluated in the order shown in Figure 6, Table 6, Criteria Keywords and Criteria Hierarchy to select the manifest for the installation. The installadm tool verifies that criteria of the same type do not overlap. For more information, see Associating Client-Specific Installation Instructions With an Install Service.

    Multiple non-overlapping criteria are used in the order specified in the table below. For example, if one criteria specification matches the client's MAC address and another criteria specification matches the same client's IP address, the manifest associated with the MAC address criteria specification is used, because mac is higher priority for selection than ipv4.

Example 53  Matching AI Clients With AI Manifests

In the following example, two custom AI manifests have been added to the same install service. The client criteria associated with those manifests are as shown. The sparc-ent.xml AI manifest was added to the service with the following criteria file that specifies AI client platform:

    <ai_criteria name="platform">

The manifest_mac1.xml AI manifest was added to the service with the following criteria file that specifies a client MAC address:

    <ai_criteria name="mac">

If an AI client with MAC address 00:14:4f:a7:65:70 is being installed, it is assigned manifest_mac1.xml.

If the AI client is a M4000 or M5000, it is assigned sparc-ent.xml.

If the AI client does not match the criteria for either AI manifest, then the default manifest for the install service is assigned to the client.