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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

How to Manually Register Your System With the Oracle Repository

  1. Become an administrator.

    For more information, see Using Your Assigned Administrative Rights in Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.3.

  2. Change your user registration.
    # configCCR

    The Oracle Configuration Manager software prompts for an email account and password. Preferably, use an email account associated with your My Oracle Support identity.

    If the system can communicate directly with the registration server, it does so. If not, you are prompted for the URL of an Oracle Support Hub. If a URL is usable at your site, specify it here. If you do not specify the URL of an Oracle Support Hub, or you are still unable to communicate with the registration server, then you are prompted for a network proxy.

    After registration is complete, data collection begins.

See Also

For more information see the configCCR(1M) man page or the Oracle Configuration Manager Installation and Administration Guide. For complete examples of an interactive session using the configCCR command, see the configCCR page.