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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Using the sysconfig Command

If you need to change the configuration at a later time, you can use the sysconfig configure command. The same command is used to reconfigure the system's global zone or an Oracle Solaris instance in a non-global zone. This configuration can occur either non-interactively or interactively. A non-interactive reconfiguration uses an existing configuration profile whose specifications in the content are applied to the system. An interactive reconfiguration uses the System Configuration Interactive (SCI) tool to create a new configuration, and the specifications overwrite the current profile.

To use the non-interactive method, first ensure that a configuration profile already exists whose specifications will replace the current configuration. Then type:

$ sysconfig configure -c configuration-profile

Note -  More examples of the use of the sysconfig command are available in Defining AI Client System Configuration Parameters.
Example 1  Reconfiguring a System Using a System Configuration Profile

The following command specifies that the system be configured using the existing system configuration profile named myprofile.xml.

# sysconfig configure -c myprofile.xml