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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

How AI Installs Non-Global Zones

    Non-global zones are installed and configured on the first reboot after the global zone is installed.

  1. When a system is installed using AI, non-global zones can be installed on that system by using the configuration element in the AI manifest. See Specifying Non-Global Zones in the Global Zone AI Manifest for information about the configuration element.

  2. When the system first boots after the global zone installation, the zone's self-assembly SMF service (svc:/system/zones-install:default) configures and installs each non-global zone defined in the global zone AI manifest. See Non-Global Zone Configuration and Installation Data for information about the data used to install the non-global zones.

  3. If the zone is configured with autoboot=true, the system/zones-install service boots the zone after the zone is installed.

The system/zones-install service remains online but will not process new configuration information until restarted. You should not disable or enable the system/zones-install service. You should only restart this service.

To monitor non-global zone installation, monitor the system/zones-install service or the output of zoneadm list -cv.

    Zones are not installed if any of the following errors occurs:

  • A zone config file is not syntactically correct

  • A collision exists among zone names, zone paths, or delegated ZFS datasets in the set of zones to be installed

  • Required datasets are not configured in the global zone