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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019
Chapter 10

Defining AI Client Installation Parameters

When you create an install service, you get a default AI manifest that specifies how to provision the AI clients. The default AI manifest is a derived manifest that specifies where to install the operating system and what software packages to install. You can also specify disk configuration such as striping, mirroring, and partitioning. See the ai_manifest(4) man page for information about the XML elements in an AI manifest.

    This chapter explains how you can create custom AI manifests for particular AI clients.

  • Create a custom XML AI manifest file. This method is best suited to an environment where few systems require custom provisioning. Most systems to be installed have identical or similar hardware and will be provisioned identically. See How to Customize an XML AI Manifest File.

  • Write a script that dynamically creates an AI manifest for each AI client at installation time. Use this method to create a custom installation for each AI client, based on characteristics discovered at installation time. See How to Create and Apply a Derived Manifest Script.

  • Use the AI manifest wizard to create a manifest without having to edit XML files. See How to Create an AI Manifest Using the AI Manifest Wizard.

  • When running the Oracle Solaris 11.3 release, use the installadm command to create a new manifest or edit an existing manifest without having to edit XML files. Use this method to make changes from the command line. See Creating an AI Manifest Using the installadm Command.

Any particular install service can include both XML manifest files and scripts for generating manifest files. Any particular AI client uses only one AI manifest, either static or generated by a script. Which AI manifest a particular AI client uses depends on the criteria specified when the manifest is added to the install service. If the AI client does not match any criteria to use a custom AI manifest, the default manifest is used. Any AI manifest in a service can be designated to be the default for that service.