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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Configuring an AI Server for the AI Manifest Wizard

The following examples show how to disable the AI manifest wizard and how to allow users to save manifest files on the AI server.

Example 61  Disabling the AI Manifest Wizard

By default the AI manifest wizard is enabled when the AI server is enabled. To disable the AI manifest wizard, use the following command:

# installadm set-server -U
Example 62  Allowing Manifest Files To Be Saved on the AI server

By default, any AI manifests that are created by the AI manifest wizard can not be saved on the AI server. The files must be saved to the users desktop. To allow for the files to be saved on the AI server, use the following command:

# installadm set-server -z

Once the manifest is saved, the file is stored in /var/ai/wizard-manifest/. Then an installadm command can be run to associate this manifest with an install service.