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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Configuring AI Server Credentials

    AI server security provides the following benefits:

  • AI clients can verify the identity of the AI server.

  • AI clients receive data that is automatically encrypted through TLS so that it cannot be read by monitoring network traffic.

See instructions about using the –C, –K and –A options in Configuring Security Credentials.

Example 24  Generating AI Server Credentials Using User-Supplied Credentials

The following example specifies user-supplied credentials. OBP keys are generated if they do not already exist. If OBP keys are generated, the OBP commands to set these keys are displayed.

# installadm set-server -C server.crt -K server.key -A cacert.pem

If the CA certificate is not specified, the CA certificate used to generate these client credentials must have been previously assigned.

The default client OBP keys are used when the install service of the AI client has the policy require-server-auth and no client or service credentials are assigned. In addition, default client credentials must be in use.