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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

AI Server Setup Tasks

The high-level steps to set up an AI server are:

  • Check whether the server meets the minimum requirements to be an AI server. For more information, see AI Server Requirements.

  • Decide which method to use to be able to use the AI commands. For a full description, see Install Service Administrator Privileges.

  • Configure the AI server to use a static IP address and a default route, install the AI package, and, if needed, enable the svc:/network/dns/multicast SMF service. See Configuring an AI Server for full instructions.

    Note -  For a description of the example IP addresses used in this guide, see the IP address entry in Glossary of Networking Terms.
  • If needed, change additional settings on the AI server such as the networks on which to enable install services, the AI web server port number, and the default image path for all images. See Changing the Configuration of an AI Server