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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Working With Oracle Configuration Manager

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Configuration Manager, as well as instructions for using the service on a system running an Oracle Solaris release.

Introduction to Oracle Configuration Manager

Oracle Configuration Manager is used to collect configuration information for a system and upload it to the Oracle repository. The collector of this information can be configured as a central collector, which gathers information for all products on the OCM server, or to gather information in separate collection sites. See About the Oracle Configuration Manager Central Collector for more information.

    Customer support representatives can use this information to provide better service. Some of the benefits of using Oracle Configuration Manager are as follows:

  • Reduces time for the resolution of support issues

  • Provides proactive problem avoidance

  • Improves access to best practices and the Oracle knowledge base

  • Improves understanding of customer business needs and provides consistent responses and services

Oracle Configuration Manager can be run in one of two modes: connected or disconnected. The disconnected mode is needed only if your system does not have a connection to the Internet, and you cannot configure an Oracle Support Hub. In this mode, you can manually collect configuration information and upload the information to Oracle by way of a service request.

    In the connected mode, Oracle Configuration Manager can be run in several network configurations as follows:

  • Systems can be directly connected to the Internet.

  • Systems can be connected to the Internet through a proxy server.

  • Systems do not have direct access to the Internet, but they do have access to an intranet proxy server, which in turn has an Internet connection through an Oracle Support Hub.

  • Systems do not have direct access to the Internet, but they do have access to an Oracle Support Hub, which in turn is connected to the Internet through a proxy server.

For more information about setting up and configuring Oracle Configuration Manager, see the Oracle Configuration Manager Installation and Administration Guide. The rest of this document focuses on the Oracle Solaris tasks that are associated with Oracle Configuration Manager.

Note -  To configure Oracle Configuration Manager to use a proxy or an Oracle Support Hub, you must run the configCCR command in interactive mode. See the configCCR section for more information.

During an Oracle Solaris 11 installation, the software attempts to set up an anonymous connection to the Oracle repository. If successful, this connection allows the installation process to proceed without prompting for any information. Ideally, you should change the registration or the network configuration after the system is fully installed. Data loaded anonymously is not tied to any organization. If the software could not connect to the Oracle repository, you can register your system manually, then enable the Oracle Configuration Manager service.