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Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Systems

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Updated: May 2019

Adding a Derived Manifest Script to an Install Service

Add a derived manifest script to an AI install service in the same way that you add an XML manifest to the install service. Use the same options to specify criteria to select which AI clients will use this script to create a manifest for their installation. Also, you can update a script just as you can update an XML manifest. A script can be set to be the default manifest for the service. Scripts and XML manifests are both shown when you list manifests associated with a service. A script is listed with the manifest type of derived.The contents of a script can be exported just as an XML manifest can be exported.

When you add an XML manifest to an install service, the manifest is validated. When you add a derived manifest script to an install service, the script is not validated.

Run the script in an environment similar to the intended system. See Testing Derived Manifest Scripts for full instructions.

Add the script to the appropriate AI install service, specifying criteria that define which AI clients should use these installation instructions. If you do not want to specify client selection criteria, you can use the –d option to add this script as the default AI manifest for the service.

# installadm create-manifest -n solaris11_3-i386 -f ./mac1.ksh -m mac1 \
-c mac=BB:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA

You can specify multiple –c options or one –C file. See also the set-criteria subcommand. See Assigning Customizations to AI Clients for information about specifying client criteria.

See also Working With Install Services for more information about the installadm list, export, create-manifest, set-criteria, update-manifest, and set-service subcommands.