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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide

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Updated: November 2018

Installing the Mounting Brackets and Slide Rail Assemblies for a ZS3-2

Use the following procedure to install the mounting brackets and slide rail assemblies for a ZS3-2 controller.

  1. Unpack the slide rails and locate the slide rail lock at the front of the assembly.
  2. Squeeze and hold the tabs at top and bottom of the lock (1) while you pull the mounting bracket out to the stop.
  3. Push the mounting bracket release button toward the front of the mounting bracket (2) while withdrawing the bracket from the assembly.
    image:Graphic showing the mounting bracket being removed from the slide                             rail
  4. Attach a mounting bracket to each side of the controller.
    image:Graphic showing mounting bracket being installed on the right side                             of the controller
  5. If you are using a universal 19-inch cabinet, snap an M6 square cage nut into the top and bottom holes of the location where you will be installing the rail plate as shown.
    image:Graphic showing cagenut being inserted into the left rack rail                             plate
  6. Position a slide rail assembly in your rack so that the brackets at each end of the slide rail assembly are on the outside of the front and back rack posts. The following graphic illustrates the rail assembly brackets.
    image:Graphic showing slide rail on the outside of the front and back                             rack post
  7. Attach each slide rail assembly to the rack posts, but do not tighten the screws completely.
  8. From the front of the rack, set the proper width of the rails with the width spacer alignment tool (1).
    image:Graphic showing inserting the wide spacer alignment tool at the                             front of the rack
  9. Tighten the screws on the brackets. (30 lb. torque)
  10. Remove the spacer and confirm that the rails are attached tightly to the rack.
  11. Stabilize the rack, using all anti-tilt mechanisms, to prevent it from tipping during installation. See your rack documentation for detailed instructions.