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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide

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Updated: November 2018

Installing the Slide Rails onto a ZS5-4

Use the following procedure to install the slide rails onto a ZS5-4 controller.

Note -  The slide rails can be used with either 9.5-mm square or M6 round mounting hole racks.
  1. Position a mounting bracket against the chassis so that the slide-rail lock is at the front of the chassis, and the five keyed openings on the mounting bracket are aligned with the five locating pins on the side of the chassis.

    Note -  The mounting brackets are identical and can be installed on either side of the chassis.

    image:Graphic showing mounting bracket aligned with server chassis                             locating pins.
  2. With the heads of the five chassis locating pins protruding though the five keyed openings in the mounting bracket, pull the mounting bracket toward the front of the chassis until the mounting bracket clip locks into place with an audible click.
  3. Verify that the rear locating pin has engaged the mounting bracket clip.
  4. To install the other mounting bracket on the other side of the chassis, repeat Steps 1 through 3.