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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide

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Updated: November 2018

Overview of ZS5-2 Controller

This section provides an overview of the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS5-2 controller. For installation instructions, refer to Installing a ZS5-2 Controller. For service instructions, refer to Servicing the ZS5-2 Controller in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual.

Refer to http://oracle.com/zfsstorage for the most recent component specification.

ZS5-2 Physical Specifications

The ZS5-2 controller chassis dimensions are as follows:

3.43 in./87.1 mm
25.2 in./640.0 mm
17.52 in./445 mm
38.5 lb./17.5 kg

ZS5-2 Electrical Specifications

The ZS5-2 controller has two N+1 AC redundant hot-swappable AC power supplies, rated 91% efficiency. To understand the overall power consumption, see Oracle's online power calculator at http://www.oracle.com/goto/powercalculators.

AC Power Supplies
Nominal input frequencies
50/60 Hz
Operating input voltage range
100 VAC (Japan only)
110-127 VAC (90-132 range)
200-240 VAC (180-264 range)
Rated input current
10 A @ 100 VAC
9 A @110-127 VAC
5.5 A @ 200-240 VAC

ZS5-2 Acoustic Noise Emissions

In compliance with the requirements defined in ISO 9296, the workplace-dependent noise level of this product is less than 75 dBA.

ZS5-2 Configuration Options

The ZS5-2 incorporates one or two controllers and one to sixteen disk shelves. Each controller has six PCIe Gen3 slots. Each controller includes eight 2.5'' disk slots that accommodate two system disks. Read cache devices are installed in disk shelves; therefore, the remaining six disk slots have permanent filler panels. The following table describes the configuration options.

System Disks
PCIe Slots
2x18-core, 2.3 GHz
384 GB
768 GB
2x2.5'' SAS-3
Two dedicated; four available
4-port (4x4) SAS-3 12 Gb/s external
4-port (4x4) SAS-2 6 Gb/s external

Refer to http://oracle.com/zfsstorage for the most recent component specification.

ZS5-2 Front Panel Components

The ZS5-2 controller drive slots and front panel components are shown in the following figure.

Figure 24  ZS5-2 Front Panel

image:The image shows the ZS5-2 front panel components.

1 LEDs: Locator, Service, Power
2 System disk 1
3 Permanent HDD filler panels
4 Two USB 2.0 ports
5 RFID tag
6 System disk 0
7 Alarm indicators (not used)

ZS5-2 Rear Panel Components

The ZS5-2 controller PCIe slots and rear panel components are shown in the following figure.

Figure 25  ZS5-2 Rear Panel

image:The image shows the ZS5-2 rear panel components.

1 Power Supply Unit (PSU) 1
2 Second PCle option (slot 1)
3 Third PCle option (slot 3)
4 Network Management (NET MGT) 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet port
5 First PCle option (slot 5)
6 Second 4x4 SAS HBA, or fourth PCle option (slot 6)
7 Network (NET) 10 GbE ports: NET 0, NET 1, NET 2, NET 3
8 SER MGT port
9 Two USB 3.0 ports
10 Cluster interface card (slot 4)
11 First 4x4 SAS HBA (slot 2)
12 Power Supply Unit (PSU) 0

Cluster Interface Card Compatibility - The ZS5-2 controller contains a Version 3 cluster interface card, which is incompatible with Version 2.

For information about how to connect cables to form a cluster, see Connecting Cluster Cables in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Cabling Guide.

Cable Management Arm

The following figure identifies the components of the cable management arm (CMA). For installation instructions, see Installing a ZS5-2 Cable Management Arm.

Figure 26  ZS5-2 Controller Cable Management Arm

image:graphic showing ZS5-2 controller cable management arm

Figure Legend
1 Connector A
6 Connector D
2 Front slide bar
7 Slide-rail latching bracket (used with connector D)
3 Velcro straps (6)
8 Rear slide bar
4 Connector B
9 Cable covers
5 Connector C