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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide

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Updated: November 2018

Overview of Disk Shelves

This section provides an overview of the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance disk shelves. For installation instructions, refer to Installing Disk Shelves. For service instructions, refer to Servicing the Disk Shelves in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual. For information on disk compatibility, refer to Oracle Systems Handbook.

Oracle disk shelves are high-availability serial attached SCSI (SAS) devices that provide expanded storage. The main components are hot-swappable, including drives, I/O Modules (IOMs) or SAS Interface Module (SIM) boards for connecting to controllers and other disk shelves, and dual load-sharing power supply with fan modules. This provides a fault-tolerant environment with no single point of failure. Component status is indicated with lights on the disk shelf, and in the Maintenance > Hardware screen of the BUI.

To understand disk shelf components and configurations, see the following topics.