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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Installation Guide

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Updated: November 2018

Disconnecting an RJ-45 Cable

Use the following procedure to properly disconnect an RJ-45 cable.

  1. Using your index finger, press down fully on the RJ-45 release tab. Be sure the tab is fully disengaged from the port.

    image:Hand removing cable from back of controller. Palm faces                                     downward; thumb, middle finger hold sides of plug while index                                     finger presses down on tab.

  2. Using your thumb and middle finger, apply a slight downward pressure while pulling the plug out of the port. Do not pull the plug upward or pinch the release tab with your fingers below the plug, as shown below.

    image:Hand removing RJ-45 cable incorrectly, grasping from the                                     side with fingers above and below the plug and pulling                                     upward.