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Product Overview

Key Features of Siebel eEnergy

Product Modules and Options

Business Functions of Screen Tabs in Siebel eEnergy

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Accounts Overview

Business Scenario for Accounts

Administrator Procedure for Accounts

Setting Up External Organizations (Administrator)

End-User Procedures for Accounts

Creating an Account

Creating an Account Hierarchy

Reviewing an Account Hierarchy

Accessing or Updating Account Information

Monitoring Infrastructure, Equipment, and Usage

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Accounts

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Profiles Overview

Business Scenario for Profiles

End-User Procedures for Profiles

Creating and Updating a Profile

About Billing Profiles

About Customer Profiles

About Energy Exemption Profiles

About Energy Statement Profiles

About Financial Profiles

About Fraud Profiles

About Loyalty Profiles

About Site Profiles

Creating and Updating an Address Profile

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Business Scenario for Contacts

End-User Procedures for Contacts

Adding a Contact

Modifying a Contact Profile

Creating a Contact-Related Activity

Associating a Contact with a Trouble Ticket

Additional Procedures Related to Contact Management

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Agreements and Entitlements

Agreements and Entitlements Overview

Business Scenarios for Agreements and Entitlements

Administrator Procedures for Agreements and Entitlements

Setting Up Templates for the Auto Document Feature (Administrator)

End-User Procedures for Agreements and Entitlements

Adding an Agreement

Adding Terms to an Agreement and Generating a Total

Creating and Printing an Agreement Document

Associating an Agreement with an Order

Associating an Agreement with a Service Item

Revising an Agreement

Viewing Agreement Details in the Explorer

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Business Scenario for Premises

Administrator Procedures for Premises

Setting Up Premise Records (Administrator)

Registering a Premise Hookup (Administrator)

Replacing a Meter for Maintenance (Administrator)

End-User Procedures for Premises

Associating an Activity with a Premise

Verifying the Premise

Viewing Service Point and Meter Information

Viewing Usage History

Viewing Service Requests for a Premise

Adding a Service Request for a Premise

Adding Infrastructure Information

Viewing Asset Information for a Meter

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Premises

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Assets Overview

Business Scenario for Assets

End-User Procedures for Assets

Creating an Asset

Associating Related Assets with a Primary Asset

Viewing Hierarchical Information for an Asset

Creating a Transaction for an Asset

Viewing Components Associated with an Asset

Adding a Service Request Associated with an Asset

Adding a Change Request Associated with an Asset

Viewing Service Points and Services

Viewing or Entering a Meter Reading

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Business Scenario for Opportunities

End-User Procedures for Opportunities

Creating an Opportunity

Associating an Account with an Opportunity

Associating a Product with an Opportunity

Creating a Quote for an Opportunity

Creating a Profile for an Opportunity

Associating a Related Site with an Opportunity

Associating a Partner with an Opportunity

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Opportunities

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Price Comparison

Price Comparison Overview

Rate Plans with Tier-Based Pricing

Business Scenarios for Price Comparison

Example Sequence for Price Comparison

Administrator Procedures for Price Comparison

Overview of Setting Up Rate Plans (Administrator)

Setting Up Products for Rate Plans (Administrator)

Setting Up Price Lists for Rate Plans (Administrator)

Setting Up a Usage Profile (Administrator)

Matching Competitors' Rate Plans with In-House Rate Plans (Administrator)

Running Reports (Administrator)

End-User Procedures for Price Comparison

Accessing the Price Comparison Feature

Generating a Price Comparison

Enrolling a Customer for a Service

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Business Scenario for Billing

End-User Procedures for Billing

Accessing or Updating Billing Information

Entering Payment Against an Outstanding Balance

Viewing Usage Details

Viewing Unbilled Charges

Overview of Adjustment Requests

Requesting an Adjustment

Viewing an Adjustment Request Outcome

Recording a Customer's Decision About Adjustment Outcome Terms

Overview of Payment Arrangement

Requesting a Payment Arrangement

Viewing the Outcome of a Payment Arrangement Request

Recording a Customer's Decision About Payment Arrangement Terms

Requesting a Duplicate Invoice

Updating a Billing Profile

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Billing

Administrator Procedures for Billing

Generating Credit, Fraud, and Usage Information (Administrator)

Setting Up the Invoice Image Feature (Administrator)

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Work Orders

Business Scenario for Work Orders

End-User Procedures for Work Orders

Creating a Work Order

Adding an Activity to a Work Order

Creating Work Order Line Items

Adding Work Order Terms

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Work Orders

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Service Requests and Trouble Tickets

Service Requests and Trouble Tickets Overview

Business Scenario for Service Requests and Trouble Tickets

Administrator Setup for Service Requests and Trouble Tickets

End-User Procedures for Service Requests and Trouble Tickets

Overview of Trouble Ticket Creation

Creating a Trouble Ticket Record

Assigning a Trouble Ticket to a Person or Group

Associating Parent and Child Trouble Tickets

Trouble Ticket Solutions

Resolving Trouble Tickets

Using the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Analyzing Trouble Tickets Data

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Trouble Tickets

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Credit Management

Credit Management Functions

Business Scenario for Credit Management

End-User Procedures for Credit Management

Reviewing and Adding a Credit Alert

Adding an Activity to a Credit Alert

Communication with the Customer

Entering Payment Information

Overview of Requests for Account Adjustments or Payment Plans

Submitting a Request

Viewing a Request Outcome

Recording the Customer's Decision About the Outcome

Closing a Credit Alert

Additional End-User Procedures Related to Credit Management

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Fraud Management

Fraud Management Overview

Business Scenario for Fraud Management

End-User Procedures for Fraud Management

Viewing Fraud Alerts and Fraud Alert Details

Follow-Up with the Customer

Changing Fraud Thresholds

Updating the Fraud Alert

Additional Procedures Related to Fraud Management

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Defining an Integration Workflow Process


Business Scenarios for Defining Integration Workflow Processes

Sample Integration Workflow Processes

Sample Workflow Process: CUT Send Account Data

Sample Workflow Process: CUT Receive Account Data

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SmartScript for Price Comparison

Business Component Classes

SIS OM SmartScript

SIS OM SmartScript Engine Classes

SIS OM PC Workflows

EPC Admin Virtual Business Component

SIS OM SmartScript Player User Properties

SIS OM Pricing Calculator Business Service

SIS OM Pricing Calculator Business Service

User Properties

Bill Decomposer Method

Comparison Generator Method

Update Status Method

Get Area Rate Plan Names Method

Get Area Supplier Names Method

Run SmartScript Method

Convert PC Quote to Quote Method

Convert PC Input to PC Quote Method

Setup Question Field Map Method

Delete Existing PC Quotes Method

CP Report Create Quotes Method

Get Next RowId Method

SIS OM PC Comparison Process

SIS OM Goto Price Comparison View Process

SIS OM PC Enrollment Process

SIS OM PC Create Account Subprocess

SIS OM PC Go To Opportunity View

SIS OM PC Set Opportunity Account

SIS OM PC Go to Order Entry - Line Items View (Sales)

CUT eSales - PC Enrollment Process

CUT eSales - Set Shopping Cart Price List

CUT eSales - PC Prepare Cart Process

SIS OM PC Competitive Pricing Report Process

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 Siebel eEnergy Guide 
 Published: 23 June 2003