As described above, classes used for Nucleus components typically implement a large number of standard interfaces. When you create classes, you can greatly simplify your task by extending the atg.nucleus.GenericService class. This class implements most of the key Nucleus interfaces, so classes that extend it also implement those interfaces.

Furthermore, two important interfaces, atg.naming.NameContext and atg.naming.NameContextBindingEventSource, are implemented by a subclass of GenericService, atg.nucleus.GenericContext, described later. Thus, a class can implement these interfaces by extending the GenericContext class.

When you create a component that extends GenericService, you should be aware of the following:

Your component might not need to use all or any of this functionality. You should, however, be aware that all of these functions are available if your component extends GenericService.

Note: Be sure not to have a getName or setName method in a component that subclasses GenericService. If you do, your component’s Nucleus pathname can become confused.

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