Most server-side applications have routine tasks that must be performed periodically. For example, a component in the application might need to clear a cache every 10 minutes, or send email each morning at 2:00, or rotate a set of log files on the first of every month.

Dynamo includes a Scheduler service, atg.service.scheduler.Scheduler, which keeps track of scheduled tasks and executes the appropriate services at specified times. You can see a list of all scheduled tasks in the Component Browser at /atg/dynamo/service/Schedule .

Dynamo also includes a SingletonSchedulableService, atg.service.scheduler.SingletonSchedulableService, which enables multiple Dynamo servers to run the same scheduled service, while guaranteeing that only one instance of the service performs the scheduled task at a time. This provides some protection from server failures, as the loss of one Dynamo server does not prevent the scheduled service from running on another Dynamo server.

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