To properly parse a document, the server must know the character encoding of the document before reading it. If your site uses JHTML pages, the process of determining the encoding is handled by the EncodingTyper component in the DAS servlet pipeline.

The EncodingTyper component discerns the encoding of a document according to its directory path, mapping locale-specific directories to the correct encoding. Various components that read in data, such as the JHTML page compiler, also use the EncodingTyper to determine the encodings of documents. For more information, see Using the EncodingTyper to Set the Character Encoding.

JSP files use the DAF servlet pipeline and do not have access to the DAS servlet pipeline; they typically do not use the EncodingTyper component. For these pages, character encoding is determined by specific tags that you add to the JSPs. For more information, refer to Setting Character Encoding in JavaServer Pages. Note, however, that even for JSPs, the EncodingTyper component is used for determining the encoding of posted form data. See Converting Posted Data with the EncodingTyper.

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