The Dynamo content distributor system includes the following types of components:

To set up a content distributor system, you need to install and configure a number of these components on your Dynamo servers and your HTTP servers:

  1. Create and configure one DistributorSender or DistributorPool component on each of your Dynamo servers that handles user sessions. See DistributorSender and DistributorPool.

  2. If you choose to use local caching, create and configure one RemoteServerCache component on each of your Dynamo servers that has a DistributorSender or DistributorPool component. See RemoteServerCache.

  3. Install, configure, and start up a DistributorServer component on each HTTP server machine. See DistributorServer.

Note: You do not need to create or configure any DistributorReader components. When a DistributorServer receives a connection from a DistributorSender, the DistributorServer automatically creates a DistributorReader.

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