To be able to administer your application through Dynamo Administration, you must specify the DafEar.Admin module when you run the application assembler. For example:

runAssembler QuincyFunds.ear –m DSSJ2EEDemo DafEar.Admin

Note: The DafEar.Admin module must precede any custom modules that are included in the module list.

The DafEar.Admin module is also required if you want to connect to the application from the client version of the ATG Control Center.

The Dynamo Administration user interface is included in the EAR file as a web application, atg_admin.war. This WAR file includes all JHTML pages that comprise Dynamo Administration . Its web.xml file declares a NucleusProxyServlet that points to the Nucleus component /atg/dynamo/servlet/adminpipeline/AdminHandler:



In this configuration, the ContextPath is /dyn and the ServletPath is /admin, so the URL for accessing the Dynamo Administration server is:


To access Dynamo Administration, use the listen port for your application server. For example, if an ATG application runs on JBoss with a listen port of 8080, you can access Dynamo Administration on your machine at http://localhost:8080/dyn/admin.

Note: Your database must be running in order for you to use the Administration UI. If necessary, you can override this requirement by copying /atg/dynamo/security/ from the <ATG9dir>\DAS\config\config.jar file to <ATG9dir>\home\localconfig\atg\dynamo\security.

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