Dynamo includes a facility for sending email, and a JavaMail-based implementation for sending Internet email through SMTP. The email interface is called atg.service.email.EmailListener, and the SMTP implementation is called atg.service.email.SMTPEmailSender. Internally, SMTPEmailSender uses JavaMail’s SMTP implementation to send the email.

Email is sent using an event listener model. A single piece of email is described by an atg.service.email.EmailEvent. The SMTPEmailSender implements EmailListener, so you can send a piece of mail by calling sendEmailEvent() on the SMTPEmailSender, passing it the EmailEvent.

This event source/event listener model lets you use EventQueues (see the Events and Event Listeners and Queues sections) to queue up email messages, thereby preventing email from becoming a bottleneck in high-throughput systems.

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