You can create your own custom tag converter. To add your own converter, follow these steps:

  1. Create a class that implements the atg.droplet.TagConverter interface. This class must implement the four methods described below under TagConverter Methods.

  2. Call the TagConverterManager.registerTagConverter method with an instance of this class. This call must be made before your converter is used by a JavaServer Page. Make sure that you add this code to a class that gets initialized during the startup process of your module—that is, is in the Initial services list.

  3. A new tag converter can support any number of attributes. Create attributes by making an instance of the TagAttributeDescriptor class. Be sure to populate the name property to avoid a NullPointerException.

  4. Add a <dsp:valueof>, <dsp:input>, or <dsp:param> tag to the page that uses this converter.

For more information about creating and using tag converters, see the atg.droplet.TagConverterManager entry in the ATG API Reference or the Tag Converters section of the Creating JavaServer Pages chapter of the ATG Page Developer’s Guide.

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