Internationalizing a Web site is the process of creating a site that is capable of displaying content in different languages. Dynamo internationalization is based on Java internationalization standards. You can design a Dynamo Web site for a single locale or for multiple locales. In your translated Web pages, you can vary the display of data such as dates and currencies according to locale-specific formatting rules.

Internationalizing an application and localizing it are different activities:

For example, an internationalized site is one that has its text messages separated into easily accessible resource files rather than included in the source code; that same site can then be localized easily by translating the text messages into French, for example. You do not have to localize your Dynamo application to create a Web site in another language.

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Before reading this chapter, you should be familiar with Java internationalization standards. For more information, refer to the JavaSoft Internationalization Specification on the Oracle Web site .

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