When you connect to a development-mode EAR file with the ATG Control Center, the data you can see and modify, such as components, pages, and scenarios, all resides in the ATG installation. This is true even for items (such as JSPs) that are included in the EAR file. In other words, you cannot modify the contents of the EAR file itself through the ATG Control Center. Therefore, if you modify something through the ATG Control Center that is used by the application, you might need to reassemble (and redeploy) the EAR file to see the change reflected.

Editing JSPs

You can use the Document Editor in the ATG Control Center to edit JSPs in ATG applications. The Document Editor includes tools that help you add ATG-specific features, such as servlet beans and form handlers, to your JSPs.

To edit a JSP:

The Document Editor opens with the JSP you selected. The JSP is stored in your ATG installation, so to incorporate the changes you make to it, you must reassemble the application and redeploy it on your application server.

You can edit JSPs only if the application is in exploded (staged) format. If an application is in an archive file, such as an EAR or WAR file, you must extract the application files before you can edit the JSPs.

For more information about using the Document Editor in the ATG Control Center, see the ATG Page Developer’s Guide.

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