Caution: Before starting this process, it is strongly recommended that you back up the content on the production server.

You use the exportRepository script to export the contents of one or more standard repositories on the production server to a .jar data file. (Recall that you cannot export data from a VersionRepository.) After doing so, you run the importRepository script, which imports the exported data into one or more versioned repositories on the ATG Content Administration server.

The repository data that you export serves as the initial version of repository data that is managed by ATG Content Administration. If you also plan to manage file assets with ATG Content Administration, you must import the files from the same logical site utilized in this step. Together, the repository and file data become the initial version of ATG Content Administration data and the earliest version that you can deploy back to your production servers.

To run exportRepository:

  1. Navigate on the production server to <ATG2007.3dir>/home/bin

  2. Enter the exportRepository command.

For example:

exportRepository –m Catalog
                 –file /users/joe/CatalogExport.jar
                 –r /myApp/Catalog

For detailed information about exportRepository command-line arguments, see the Tools chapter.

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