Because the number of index items returned may be great, parameters limit how many can be returned. The browse request also allows paging through of these index items, and it is controlled by the following attributes:

<browse pageNum="num" pageSize="size"

The num value specifies which page number to return, starting from the first page 0. The size value specifies the size of the page. If size is empty or missing, no paging is performed. The paging calculation is based on the final browse results with respect to all other parameters. These attributes supersede the lastDoc attribute that was used in earlier versions.

Group size for results is controlled by one of two parameters:

<browse pageGroupSize="gsize" responseNumberSettings="settings"

The browse request follows the same grouping described in the Grouping Modes section of this document.

These controls set the maximum item results to consider (i.e. sN,oN,tN), the maximum number of groups to return (i.e. docN,propN), and the size of the result groups (e.g. perProp if grouping by property). An alternative to these controls for the size of the groups is the pageGroupSize attribute. If these controls are not supplied, the browse algorithm obeys the maxDocsPerSet instead.

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