ATG Search represents index item metadata as properties stored with the index item. During a query, ATG Search can restrict its search to items with certain property values. Numeric property values can be tested for equality, less-than, and greater-than. String property values can test for sub-string matches, and both types can be tested for range matches. The XML representation for these constraints is:

<prop type="type" name="name" op="str_op|num_op" case="true|false"> value
<strprop name="name" op="str_op" case="true|false"> value </strprop>
<numprop name="name" op="num_op" > value </numprop>

The constraints are:

All constraints allow the following operators:

For string and enum property constraints, the comparisons are character byte comparisons. In addition, the enum and string property constraints allow three more operators:

For string property constraints, the additional case attribute controls whether the operator should be case-sensitive (true) or case-insensitive (false). If the operator is a range operator, then the value is a range of values expressed as initial-final.

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