ATG Search represents text fields in standard <div> block tags around arbitrary statement text, which may include other XHTML formatting tags. The <div> tags use 2 attributes:

<div class="atg:role:field" id="n">
<div class="primus:role:field" id="n">

The class attribute must contain a string of the form atg:role:field or primus:role:field, where field is the name of the field. The id attribute must contain a unique number identifying the field within the document.

The contained text may be broken up into multiple statements, but each statement is considered part of the same field. Multiple instances of the same field name are allowed. Only well-defined XHTML fields are searchable by ATG Search; other text outside of the special <div> block tags is not searched.

ATG Search can be configured to ignore certain fields during indexing, which means they are not stored in the index and are not searchable, but can be viewed.

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