ATG Search represents properties in standard <meta> unary tags, using the three attributes shown:

<meta name="atg:type:prop" content="value"
scheme="displayName=displayValue" />

The name attribute contains the name of the property prop, plus an optional declaration in the form of atg:type, where type can be one of the following:

The content attribute contains the value of the property. By default, the whole attribute string is used as the value, but ATG Search can be configured to break up the string by delimiters, such as commas or semi-colons. The text type ignores this configuration option, and guarantees that the whole string is used as the value.

The scheme attribute contains an optional displayable version of the name and content strings, in the form displayName=displayValue. This attribute is used when an application has internal names and values that are not presentable to the user. For example, a date property might have a content value of an integer, but the displayable value will be a well-formatted date string.

Multiple <meta> tags can be used to denote multiple types or values for the same property name.

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