This section presents the parameter values for simple, one-level browsing of index items and child sets. Only items immediately under the starting set are returned, and just the names of the child sets are returned. The constraints by size and count are disabled, as well as sorting. Paging has been enabled.

maxSets="100000"     # no practical limit on number of total returned sets
maxDepth="1"         # browse to immediate children sets only
maxSize="0"          # no constraint on maximum size of returned sets
minSize="0"          # no constraint on minimum size of returned sets
maxDesc="0"          # no constraint on number of descendent sets to browse to
maxDocs="10"         # limit the number of total items to the page size
maxDocsPerSet="10"   # limit the number of items per set to the page size
docDepth="0"         # only return items at depth 0, meaning the starting set only
docSort="index"      # don't bother sorting the items
setSort="none"       # don't bother sorting the child sets
recurseDocuments="false"  # don't recurse to child sets to retrieve documents
pageNum="0"          # return the first page of items
pageSize="10"        # 10 per page
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