The Similar Text request returns the metadata properties associated with the index item of the returned item sets. These returned properties can be used for user interface functionality, such as customized result pages. By default, ATG Search returns all stored metadata properties, but the list of returned properties can be controlled by this attribute:

<similardocs docProps="all"
<similardocs docProps="prop,prop,..."

The first value is the default, and simply indicates that all properties are returned. The second form lists the property names that can be returned in a comma-delimited list.

ATG Search allows a third value for this parameter for even more control of the properties, as shown below:


This syntax allows for conditional selection of returned properties, depending on another property of the index item. The config; prefix denotes the new special syntax. The testprop is a name of a property that will be tested for one of the values in the list that follow it. If an index item has one of the values for the testprop, then the list of retprop properties is used to control what properties to return just for that index item. If not, the next testprop sequence is used, and so on until no more configuration data is left. If testprop is empty, then the sequence is unconditional and all index items will satisfy it. This is useful as the last item of the sequence to denote the default properties for any index item that does not satisfy the specific property tests. If the val list is empty, then any value satisfies the test. If the retprop list is empty, then no properties will be returned for index items satisfying the given test.

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