As described in the RelQuestSettings Parameters section of the Query Component Reference chapter, ATG Search has many parameters that control searching. To simplify adjustment of these settings, ATG Search provides five discrete search strategies, which are implemented in terms of a set of parameter values. The search strategy is selected by the following attribute:

<statement strategy="strat"

The strat value can be on of the following five values, which represent how restrictive the search should be:

  • everything – Try unlimited search, without any parameter values that can restrict the search algorithm; also try all term expansions during document candidate retrieval.

  • expand – Try an expanded search, increasing the default parameter values that can restrict the search algorithm.

  • normal – Default system settings, optimized for fast search with good search quality; this is the default value of the attribute.

  • restrict – Try a restricted search, decreasing the default parameter values which will further restrict the search algorithm; disable non-equal term expansions; adjust relevancy calculation to prefer literal matches.

  • exact – Try an exact search, which is the same as restrict plus a heavy increase in the /exactWgt setting, which will force results to contain the literal query string.

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