Each returned item set may contain index items, depending on the other search parameters. Normally, the index items are returned in index order, but user interfaces often allow the final results to be sorted by some secondary criteria, such as date or source or format. The index item sorting is controlled by the following attributes:

<browse docSort="mode" docSortOrder="order"  docSortProp="prop"

The mode value specifies how the index items will be sorted, and can be one of the following:

The order value determines whether the sort is ascending or descending, either alphabetically or numerically, depending on the sort mode. The order value can be either ascending or descending.

The prop value specifies the property name to use for the strprop or numprop modes. The property name must be a valid property of the given type; for example, for strprop, either string or enum, and for numprop, either integer, float, boolean or date. Index items that don’t have this property will be excluded from the sort. To prevent that, the def value can specify the default property value to use for these exceptional cases. The def value should agree with the type of the property.

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