The ATG-Endeca integration modules are:




Includes the necessary classes for exporting data to CAS record stores and triggering indexing via the EAC, along with associated configuration.


Adds configuration for running on an ATG Content Administration instance. This module adds basic record generation configuration for ATG Content Administration servers, including a deployment listener.


Configures components for creating CAS data records from products in the catalog repository and dimension-value records from the category hierarchy.


Modifies configuration so that CAS data records are generated based on SKUs rather than products.


Adds Commerce-specific configuration for running on an ATG Content Administration instance, including enabling monitoring for incremental loading of the product catalog.


Contains classes and configuration for creating an Assembler instance that has access to the data in your application’s MDEX engines. Also provides classes for querying the Assembler for data and managing the content returned.

Note that when you assemble an application that includes any of the modules listed in the table above, the DAF.Search.Base and DAF.Search.Index modules are automatically included in the EAR file as well. These modules contain core ATG Search repository indexing classes that are subclassed in the Endeca-specific modules. In addition, some of the Endeca-specific modules pull in classes from other ATG Search modules (without including the modules in their entirety) through the ATG-Class-Path entries in their manifest files.

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