To help optimize and debug your output, you can have the generated records sent to files rather than to the Endeca record stores. Doing this enables you to examine the output without triggering indexing, so you can determine if you need to make changes to the configuration of the record-generating components.

To direct output to files, create a component of class, and set the documentSubmitter property of the record-generating components to point to the FileDocumentSubmitter component. Note that a separate file is created for each record generated.

The location and names of the files are automatically determined based on the following properties of FileDocumentSubmitter:


The pathname of the directory to write the files to.


The string to prepend to the name of each generated file. Default is the empty string.


The string to append to the name of each generated file. Set this as follows:


If true, each filename will be based on the repository ID of the item the file represents. If false (the default), files are named 0.xml, 1.xml, etc.


If true, if the generated filename matches an existing file, the existing file will be overwritten by the new file. If false (the default), the new file will be given a different name to avoid overwriting the existing file.

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