If you want to create a separate record for each site, you can do so by using the /atg/search/repository/UniqueSiteVariantProducer component. This component is of class atg.commerce.search.producer.UniqueSiteVariantProducer, which implements the atg.repository.search.indexing.VariantProducer interface.

UniqueSiteVariantProducer creates a separate record for each site that meets both of these criteria:

For example, if you are indexing by product and the value of a product’s siteIds property is siteE,siteF,siteG, and the sitesToIndex property is set to sites B, E, and F, UniqueSiteVariantProducer creates two records, one for site E and one for site F. The records are virtually identical, except that each one has a different value for the siteId property.

To use the UniqueSiteVariantProducer, add it to the ProductCatalogOutputConfig component’s variantProducers property:


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