The 10.1.1 installation of the CommerceReferenceStore module includes a sample query application that you can use to query the MDEX engines via an Endeca Assembler instance. This chapter describes how to configure and use this application.

The sample query application depends on both Nucleus configuration on the ATG production server as well as Experience Manager or Guided Search configuration in the Endeca environment. The following section describes the Nucleus configuration requirements, which you may or may not have to change, based on your environment’s setup. In all cases, the Experience Manager or Guided Search configuration will have to be updated. Those changes are described in Endeca Configuration for the Sample Query Application.

Note that, while it is packaged as part of the CommerceReferenceStore module, the sample query application is a separate application and it is not part of Commerce Reference Store. Commerce Reference Store does not use the Endeca integration in version 10.1.1.

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