When you index a repository, you can include in the index additional properties that are not part of the repository itself. For example, you might want to include a creationDate property to record the current time when a record is created. The value for this property could be generated by a custom property accessor that invokes the Java Date class.

To specify a property like this, use the is-non-repository-property attribute of the property element. This attribute indicates that the property is not actually stored in the repository, and prevents warnings from being thrown when the IndexingOutputConfig component starts up. Note that you must also specify a custom property accessor that is responsible for obtaining the property values:

<property name="creationDate" is-non-repository-property="true"
   type="date" property-accessor="dateAccessor"/>

If no actual property accessor is needed, set the property-accessor attribute to null. For example, you might do this if you have a default value that you always want to use for the property:

<property name="creationDate" is-non-repository-property="true"
   type="date" default-value="Mon Mar 15 16:07:15 EDT 2010"

See Using Property Accessors for more information about custom property accessors.

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