If you are using Oracle ATG Web Commerce multisite support, many of the item types in the catalog repository have a siteIds property whose value is a comma-separated list of the sites an item appears on. For example, if you have three sites, A, B, and C, and a certain product is available on sites A and C (but not B), the value of the product’s siteIds property would be siteA,siteC (assuming those are the site IDs).

The siteIds properties in the catalog repository are defined as context membership properties. For the document-level item type, the record output includes a special siteId property representing the repository item’s context membership property. (The output property is always named siteId, regardless of the actual name of the context membership property.) The records include a separate entry for each site listed in the context membership property.

Note that the output records include entries only for sites that are listed in the sitesToIndex property of the EndecaIndexingOutputConfig component. For example, if the value of a product’s siteIds property is siteA,siteC,siteD, but sitesToIndex list only sites C and D, the record will not include an entry for site A. If an item’s siteIds property is null, or if it lists only sites that are not listed in the sitesToIndex property, no record is generated for the item.

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