The output record automatically includes certain standard JavaBean properties of the RepositoryItem object. These properties provide information that identifies the repository items represented in the record, and they are indicated in the definition file by a dollar-sign ($) prefix: $repositoryId, $repository.repositoryName, and $itemDescriptor.itemDescriptorName. (The dollar-signs are removed by default in the output records, because Endeca property names cannot include them.)

You may want to return these properties in search results, to enable accessing the indexed repository and repository items in page code. Typically you would do this for the document-level item type. For other item types, you may not need these properties. If you don’t, it is a good idea to suppress them from the index, as they may significantly increase the size of the index.

To suppress one of these properties, specify the property in the indexing definition file with the suppress attribute. For example:

<item property-name="parentCategories" is-document="false">
    <property name="$repositoryId" suppress="true"/>
    <property name="$repository.repositoryName" suppress="true"/>
    <property name="$itemDescriptor.itemDescriptorName" suppress="true"/>

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