You use various attributes of the property element to specify the way ATG properties should be treated in the Endeca MDEX. The SchemaExporter component then uses the values of these attributes in the schema records it creates.

To specify the data type of a property, you use the type attribute. The value of this attribute can be date, string, boolean, integer, or float. For example:

<property name="quantity" type="integer"/>

If a type value is not specified, it defaults to string.

You can designate a property as searchable, as a dimension, or both. To make a property searchable, set the text-searchable attribute to true. To make a property an Endeca dimension, set the is-dimension attribute to true. In the following example, the color property is both a dimension and searchable:

<property name="color" is-dimension="true" text-searchable="true"/>

If is-dimension is true, you can use the multiselect-type attribute to specify whether the customer can select multiple values of the dimension at the same time. The value of this attribute can be multi-or (combine using Boolean OR), multi-and (combine using Boolean AND), or none (the default, meaning multiselect is not supported for this dimension). For example:

<property name="brand" is-dimension="true" multiselect-type="multi-or"/>

Multiselect logic works as follows:

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