If your ATG environment includes ATG Content Administration, be sure to include the DCS.Endeca.Index.Versioned module when you assemble the EAR file for your ATG Content Administration server. This module enables indexing jobs to be triggered automatically after a deployment, ensuring that changes deployed from ATG Content Administration are reflected in the index as quickly as possible. A full deployment triggers a baseline update, and an incremental deployment triggers a partial update.

Indexing can be configured to trigger either locally (on the ATG Content Administration server itself) or remotely (on the staging or production server). Note that even when indexing is executed on the ATG Content Administration server, the catalog repository that is indexed is the unversioned deployment target (/atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog_production), not the versioned repository.

The ATG-Endeca integration includes the /atg/search/repository/IndexingDeploymentListener component, which is of class atg.epub.search.indexing.IndexingDeploymentListener. This component listens for deployment events and, depending on the repositories involved, triggers one or more indexing jobs.

The IndexingDeploymentListener component has a remoteSynchronizationInvokerService property that is set by default to /atg/search/SynchronizationInvoker. The SynchronizationInvoker component, which is of class atg.search.core.RemoteSynchronizationInvokerService, controls whether indexing is invoked on the local (ATG Content Administration) server or on a remote system (such as the production server).

Local Indexing

For local indexing (the default configuration), the SynchronizationInvoker component invokes the /atg/endeca/index/LocalSynchronizationInvoker component on the ATG Content Administration server to trigger the indexing job. This component, which is of class atg.endeca.index.LocalSynchronizationInvoker, is specified through the localSynchronizationInvoker property of the SynchronizationInvoker component:


The following diagram illustrates the configuration for local indexing:

Remote Indexing

To enable remote indexing, modify the configuration of the SynchronizationInvoker component on the ATG Content Administration system so that it points to a SynchronizationInvoker component on the remote system, and configure the remote SynchronizationInvoker to point to a LocalSynchronizationInvoker on the remote system:

The following diagram illustrates the configuration for remote indexing:


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