The following describes key properties of the atg.commerce.endeca.index.dimension.CategoryTreeService class and the default configuration of the /atg/endeca/index/commerce/CategoryTreeService component of this class:


The component of class atg.commerce.catalog.custom.CustomCatalogTools for accessing the catalog repository. By default, this property is set to:


To create a representation of the category hierarchy in which each category dimension value has only one parent, the CategoryTreeService class creates data structures in memory that represent all possible paths to each category in the product catalog. In order to do this, it must be provided with a list of the catalogs to use for computing paths.

The sitesForCatalogs property specifies a list of sites. If this property is set, CategoryTreeService uses the catalogs associated with the specified sites for computing paths. By default, sitesForCatalogs is set to:


If sitesForCatalogs is null, CategoryTreeService uses the rootCatalogsRQLString property to determine the catalogs.


An RQL query that returns a list of catalogs. If sitesForCatalogs is null, the catalogs returned from this query are used. The query is set by default to:

directParentCatalogs IS NULL AND parentCategories IS NULL

If sitesForCatalogs and rootCatalogsRQLString are both null, CategoryTreeService uses the rootCatalogIds property to determine the catalogs.


An explicit list of catalog IDs of the catalogs to use. This list is used if sitesForCatalogs and rootCatalogsRQLString are both null. By default, rootCatalogIds is set to null.

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